In the News

RooshV is a pro-rape blogging 'neo-masculinist' and he was turned away from holding a meeting with supporters here in DC this past weekend. (DCist)

Trump tries to call Cruz weak but instead calls him "a pussy" and media outlets struggle to figure how to delicately cover the crassness. Here's a top 10 list of the winners of that struggle. (Gawker)

DC Metro has really stepped up to the plate in terms sexual harassment prevention with the next set of Anti-Harassment Ads. (DCist)

Reddit has a NoFap community of members who abstain from masturbation in hopes of enhancing sexual pleasure performance. Do you take fap breaks? (Attn)

Talking to your children about sex needs to be a serious endeavor, but it doesn't have to be traumatic or overly formal. Two accounts this week of parents talking to their children about sex give great examples of how The Talk could go. (Washington Post and Jezebel)

Football is one part of the Super Bowl and the commercials are another. Some of these commercials continue to invoke tired tropes of masculinity. This article unpacks why that's harmful and which ads are poised to change that. This ad for Axe Body Spray celebrates a robust spectrum of masculinity from the high heel dancer to the nerd on the sidelines. (Quartz and Cosmo)

What's it like if you're not sure your rapist knows they're a rapist? (Huffington Post)