Christine Gordon

Founder, DIRECTOR of education

Christine has been an educator for over 10 years, in various capacities. She holds a BFA in theater and an MA in sociology, and she has worked as a Doula, a performer, a director, a copywriter, and for various organizations as a comprehensive sexuality educator. Her theatre background informs her methods of engaging learners to create an interesting and compelling interactive learning environment. Her passion is social justice, primarily in sexuality and sexual and reproductive health. She firmly believes social justice and sexuality/sexual health are intertwined; this intersection is what compelled her to begin Cultures of Consent (formerly People Against Rape Culture or PARC), with the understanding that we need to increase education around basic issues of gender stereotypes, respect and consent. She is very excited to continue this vital work. 

Elizabeth Puloka

Executive Director

Elizabeth Puloka is a sociologist by training living in Washington D.C., where she earned her Master's degree in Sociology from American University. Her research and work interests have focused on incarcerated and re-entering populations and their sexual health outcomes, women's reproductive health rights, and alternative health and wellness. Recently, her interests in social justice, health, and women's issues have converged on the cultural antecedents of sexual violence in the U.S., and she contributes a sociological perspective on the interwoven fabric of structures and behaviors that underpin and perpetuate rape culture.

Ashley Medley

Policy and Programs

Ashley Medley is a public health advocate and full-spectrum doula in the Washington D.C. area. She earned her BA from California Lutheran University in Sociology with minors in Women's Studies and Religion and a Master's in Public Policy from George Mason University. Her background is in public health research and policy and gender rights advocacy; she's worked in community health activism, and international maternal and child health programs. With a passion for women's & LGBTQ health and social policy, she strongly believes sexual violence is a public health concern that affects every single member of a community.

Charlotte Stasio

Communications and Operations


Charlotte Stasio is Culture of Consent's technologist and geek community ambassador. With experience as a research analyst, copywriter, technical writer, computer instructor, and public relations professional, she brings content development and technology skills to the organization. Charlotte is an avid gamer and a science fiction fan and enjoys examining the media through a lens of gender equality and positive sexuality.



We came together in 2013 in response to the Steubenville High School rape case and founded our organization as People Against Rape Culture. Our goal was to examine the culture-wide practices, beliefs, and institutions that reinforce a rape culture. We were inspired by the survivors, activists, and journalists who came together to bring light to rape and sexual assault epidemics in schools, the military, sports, the media, and other parts of society.  Led by founder Christine Gordon, a dedicated educator and parent, we sought to address the underpinnings of rape culture -  victim blaming, slut shaming, and harmful gender and sexuality norms.

In 2016, we became Cultures of Consent.