Year in Review and Looking Ahead

Dear friends and supporters,

As we look to the year ahead we reflect on what we were able to accomplish in 2016 with more than a little help from our friends. Many of you have volunteered and interned with us, donated time and money to us, shared our messages and recommended our educational programming services, and with that help we accomplished quite a lot of good in 2016.

We began the year working with a group of students from the University of Maryland committed to raising awareness about rape culture on campus, culminating in a successful and engaging campus outreach event teaching and promoting consent.

We launched our Sex Positive Sex Trivia Night series in Pittsburgh to a packed house, and followed up with an equally enthusiastic crowd in Las Vegas.

We hosted workshops and taught active bystander intervention to high school students in Brooklyn, and immediately received requests for similar programming at two other high schools in the area.

Back in DC we lead a discussion with parents and their adolescent daughters about the connection between media representations of women and girls and sexual assault, and are continuing to work on delivering our educational programming to college students in DC and Maryland.

Looking ahead to this year, we are partnering with a student led organization at George Washington University to host an event teaching consent on campus this semester and working with students at Howard University to deliver programming on consent in the context of rape culture. We are excited to be working with our second group of University of Maryland students to teach consent on campus again this year as we continue our work partnering in our communities, our classrooms and on our campuses to fight rape culture and champion consent. Lastly, we're thrilled to be launching a 2 part pilot of our long-term curriculum at a high school beginning this May.

In short, Cultures of Consent was able to deliver a tremendous amount of programming in 2016 to diverse audiences and communities with help and contributions of all of you, and we hope you continue to follow and support us as we push forward with an agenda of aggressive compassion and commitment to positive sexuality and enthusiastic consent for everyone. 

In gratitude,

Liz & Christine