In The News

Japanese artist Rokudenashiko is making pussy positive art and that is just the bees knees. Or a kayak modeled after her own vulva! It's cool, it's art, it's pussy positive y'all! (Bitch Media)

Safe Bars is a sexual assault awareness and prevention training program for bar staff in the DC area and basically it's cool as hell! (GW Hatchet)

What with rape and sexual assault being so rampant on college campuses and being handled in disparate ways in differing institutions, shouldn't your campus tour guide be able to answer your basic questions about this omnipresent aspect of university life? Yes, yes they should. And yet, this author and her college-bound daughter did not find that. (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Don't you love when the hard sciences confirm what the social sciences have been saying for so long? Turns out, the more we learn about sex and gender, the more we have to accept that the former is not a binary so much as a complex spectrum, naturally informing a beautifully varied variety of the latter. It's science folks. (Nature)

Book us some tickets now please 'cause the Sex Workers Opera opening in London looks amazing! While the theme of the downtrodden prostitute cum bohemian heroin is tried and true in traditional operas, voices from actual sex workers is not. Until now! (Telegraph)