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The world lost much more than an icon and a musical legend last week, and we find solace in the myriad reports and reviews that acknowledge and celebrate a man who redefined gender and sexuality and always kept it as ambiguous as it was hot. Sex, Prince and gender fluidity indeed.(New York Times)

It's really hard to not make a 'taste the rainbow' funny when introducing this fabulous celebration of the uniqueness of each and every vulva and vagina. Oops I guess we kind of did anyway. (Bustle)

Game of Thrones came back this week with the same bloody vengeance it has always brought, as well as the same conflicting depictions of female characters. But is it getting better? Are this season's women flexing on their power more than they have in seasons prior? (Jezebel)

This DC visitor makes some great points about the sexual negativity of our fair city. (Bust)

Amandla Stenberg gives us all a lesson in using and choosing gender pronouns that suit and we salute them for it! (Teen Vogue)

Hmm. We like the sound of tailored porn at your smartphone-touching finger tips, but there are some glaring issues with the selected emojis. (CNET)