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This week was all about talking to young people about sex, and we can get down with that every week!

Our Bodies Our Selves has been at the forefront of women's reproductive and sexual empowerment, and they're getting even better as they turn their attention to teaching young women about sexual pleasure. Imagine that! (Our Bodies Our Selves)

For that matter, how much could we help our youth learn how to navigate sexual relationships if we admitted that sex is primarily about pleasure? A lot, according to this thoughtful parent. (PSMag)

So many young people learn about sex from mainstream porn, and that has some seriously negative connotations for everyone - particularly for young women who do not see legitimate pleasure as part of the outcome of sex in these contrived scenarios. 

Safe BAE is a fantastic project started by high school students to address sexual assault in their halls and lives by teaching consent. Kudos to these brave and visionary young women! (NYT)

So Batman vs. Superman came out recently and not to rave reviews. Looking at the landscape of action movies in particular, why won't more studios and industry execs believe in the selling power and entertainment of female-led flicks, especially in the wake of some pretty bad male-driven films? These are 6 superheroes we'd like to see more of, and we bet you would too. (

Cartoons can often cut to the quick and unpack what many feel are complicated issues, and this set on what rape culture looks like is fantastic! (attn:)

Norway is letting their citizens decide when their gender has changed, changing legislation that had previously required medical surgery to qualify as transitioned. Good for you Norway! (ctv news)