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Emma Watson is putting her money where her feminist sex positive mouth is and talking about the sexual pleasure subscription she's enjoying these days called OMGYES, and we say oh yes girl get it! (Telegraph)

Apparently the French like to say that the British have landed and the Swedes like to call it lingonberry week, and while funny and charming to various degrees these euphemisms for menstruation reflect just how uncomfortable most women are with talking about this natural and normal cycle. (Jezebel)

This book for Native girls hopes to support a population 2.5 times more likely to be raped than any other to understand how they can get help after sexual assault. (Huffington Post)

Have you heard of the Gorilla Girls? They are an amazing band of women challenging sexism in the arts and their work is as entertaining as it is enlightening. (Gorilla Girls)

It was a big week for rape and sexual assault prevention to be talked - and sung -  about on some big stages. First VP Biden addressed the Oscars asking for individuals to pledge to stand up and speak out against rape culture to encourage cultures of consent, then Lady Gage delivered a moving and powerful song about her sexual assault while flanked by survivors. And now Larkin Grimm has released a song about her sexual assault and survivorship, and we have these brave people to thank for using their platforms and their voices to bring about change. (Salon, Jezebel)

These teen peer educators from PPNYC remixing Drake's Hotling Bling into a sex positive psa is so great we can hardly stand it. (Jezebel)