In The News

First Luke Skywalker, and now Xena?! We like the tone of modern media recognizing that of course main characters could, would and should reflect diversity. We're especially glad that this powerful character can come out as a fierce and fearless lesbian cause why not? (Jezebel) 

Do you like tiny donuts, Cadbury eggs or horses? How about tiny orgasms? Mini things are as delightful as they are fun, including mini orgasms! Don't know what we're talking about? Let these folks tell you all about them. (Everyday Feminism)

California continues to shine as the forerunner in sex education, and they're not slowing down now that they are requiring consent education in high schools and to that we say bravo! (I School Guide)

Ashley Graham and Lane Bryant refuse to be stymied by the network rejections of their #AllBodies campaign tv advertisement and remain steadfast in their conviction that all bodies deserve to be beautiful and visible. (Jezebel)

And that's important, because how we depict women in the media has serious consequences for how we understand and view women in real life, as this excellent video project shows. (Mashable)