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In light of recent local cases of abuse and assault in which victims engaged with their assailants online, Kojo Nnamdi and guests tackled questions on parenting and social media. The conversation focused on youth using online platforms for romantic relationships.  The guests contributed thoughtful insight and advice from different viewpoints concerning how parents can best protect and empower their kids while, maintaining healthy boundaries and communication. (Washington Post and The Kojo Nnamdi Show)

There's no need to be less than enthusiastic about giving consent. In fact, we think it can be pretty sexy! Here are a few ways to phrase your desires that, far from "ruining the mood," fan the flames of consensual lust. Enjoy! (Bustle)

Jean Kilbourne has been at the forefront of gender in media and studies the power structures that get reinforced through normative imaging. She talks here about beauty and the beast that is advertising. (Center for Media Literacy)

The smartest use for a smartwatch yet? (The Frisky)

That's right, you can be into 'vanilla' sex and still be sex positive!  This awesome comic lays it out quite nicely. (Everyday Feminism)

We know we've got work to do because there are a bunch of states where gay marriage is legal but teaching about it is not. Sexual education has to reflect real sex and real people to be truly helpful - that includes teaching about the beautiful spectrum of genders and sexual expressions. (Mother Jones)