Sex positivity is the idea that safe and consensual sex is healthy and affirming . This is opposed to sex negativity -  the prevalent ideology in traditional western cultures that sex outside of heterosexual, marital procreation is immoral and at the root of social ills such as sexual assault, unstable family structures, and disease. Sex positivity leaves no room for moral judgement about sexual orientation, identities, and behaviors that are consensual.

Sexuality is often envisioned as a spectrum, and sex positivity is about embracing the entirety of that spectrum.  While it can be falsely and harmfully conflated with hypersexuality, it is important to not make this error. Sex positivity embraces authentic sexual expression and desire, and this can manifest in as few or as many different acts as one can imagine. 

"Safe sex" means different things to different people. Cultures of Consent supports consenting adults deciding for themselves how to define safe and enthusiastic sex.